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i emailed cs two days ago asking for an upgrade to my canopy to have 7mb throughput aggregate. here's what i told them:

can you please upgrade my canopy to have 7Mb throughput aggregate? i

have a friend who has it and he has better connection speed than mine.

here's their reply

We have created Service Request (SR) No. ********* to enable our

support group

to work further towards improving the quality of your connection.

Please be assured

that your concern shall be addressed accordingly. In the meantime, we

would like to

apologize for the fact that we are still unable to meet your


i already have a lot of those sr numbers.

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hi there,

at last i found a site regarding forum of smart bro.. smartbroken, smartbulok  :angry: or whatever may call it..

yeah i have experience on CS CSR.. when i have no connection. i called up there CS, unfortunately , for more that 4 hours im calling continuesly  8pm to 12 mn., theres no luck. the next day i called up again before I go to work ..seems im not lucky enough to get a quick response. Im  .I ask my sister to call them .. everytime with no luck. id called up again at night .. whew. no luck at  all .. so the following day.  id go to there office SMART WIRELESSCTR at ALIMALL, (nearest  office). Im not in the good mood then  :tickedoff: so immediatley id waited my turn to talk to them

* id told to the guy what is the problem..  blah blah blah .. coz your service is not good i dont have connection for 4 days.. :tickedoff:* id call your CS but no LUCK

the reaction of the guy .... (tinawanan pa ako) ... ANG yabang pa. SO i told  him to call their  Hotline,

* NOTE ang yabang pang pinindot at ipinakita niya kung paano mag pindot sa kanyang celphone)

Id simply  laugh at him.. after 15 minutes ... of ringing on his celpone ...dropped .. dialed again .. 30 minutes past .. natatatawa na ako sa kanya so i ask him ..eto .. akala ko madali lang tumawag sa HOTLINE nyo .. i think you have a problem to contact your CS. office .. and laugh ... Napahiya yung tao .. SO id ask again.. Blah blah... diko talaga tinigilan ... after 1hour and 30 minutes ,,, nagsawa ata .. he get another celphone  so 2 na yung gamit ... imagine in just a second ..nakacontact ..Whew.. Sandali lang pala sa isang unit ah... Nagpalusot ang kumag  :lol: . he tell me, he contacted with the same Hotline.... nag ka Idea ako .. sige nga call ka nga ulit sa isang mong unit .... . :haha: 10 minutes past .. dina niya macontact.. napahiya yung tao ...

Anyway So much for the story, he give me a certain number to contact this guy. so i immidiately hurried home to fix my  connection.

My connection already fixed ....

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welcome to the forum karvine! hope you enjoy your stay. if you had found us earlier, you would have learned that it is next to hopeless when calling their tech support, best to use email. their address is [email protected] if you can't email them and really have to call, don't press 4 for tech support, instead press 1. that is for the new application. you will find that they will answer your call immediately.

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