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I went to adobe and downloaded their version and the same thing happened.  In fact the file name is the same is the one at the Pownce website, (air_b1_win_061107.exe).  I even tried installing the SDK first and it still did not work, (air_b1_win_sdk_061107.zip).

I use


I don't know what to say about that it worked good on mine! Its just a program that runs in the back ground. The second one is the Pownce program.

Edit: here is a direct download from Adobe's AIR: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/air.html

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Nope!  I read about that one . . .it was a "beta" version or something.  No all I have is Acrobat 6.0 and Adobe's Shockwave Player, Flash Player Active X and Flash Player plugin (I use Firefox).


Just out of curiosity you don't have the old Adobe Apollo program on your computer do you? If so uninstall it and start over.

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I got all that and I use Firefox, SeaMonkey and Maxthon browsers and it works in all. I wish you luck because I have no idea why it don't work for you.

May just be a beta bug that will get sorted out, Im sure if me and her are having this problem many others are aswell.

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