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people please do no just post ur addy...the bots will get u...please disguise it ...for ur own safety and to save us the time and effort of fixing it for u...as a matter of fact if ur email addy is in ur profile u don't need to put it in ur post at all...even if it's hidden the mods can see it.

rockstar_vish welcome to tmn :hello::welcome:...welcome to the forum...enjoy ur stay

this topic is for pownce invites...not any torrent sites...testmy.net does not support any torrent sites...sorry...altho someone may actually send u an invite we don't condone the use of these sites because they are often used for illegal downloads of copyrighted material.

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I just sent you an invite.


hi friendzzzz............ i need invitation of desitorrents or bw torrents plz can any one send me .plzzzzzzzz thanx in adv .....iam waiting 4ur reply and invitation ............

dis is my mail id  :  rockingstar_vishal2010 at the ya hoo place

edit: for privacy...geesze louise...

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