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New way to access ur CANOPY Web Page (SMART BRO-ken)

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guys if there are many 10.xx.xx.xx appear at ur cmd promt (arp -a)

try to search for ur account ther u can see the service reference no.

and the name of the subscriber of the smart bro, if anyone ther cant access

ther canopy i have disovered another way hehehehehe  :haha:

but seems you guys can access maybe its no longer important to post it

well try first the procedure of elijahpaul hirs the link


and if its not working try my procedure


and if u cant access ur canoy post it hir so that ill post what i have discovered

:evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6: :evil6:

after pinging arp -a on cmd, this is what i got:

Interface:  ---  0x10003

Internet address              Physical address          Type            00 - 50 - b7 - f0 - 7f - 35    dynamic

can u comment on this one?

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its the same procedure just put on ur IP

and Subnet mask:

go to ur cmd promt typ again arp -a

if there are many 10.xx.xx.xx there

try it all until you find ur right ip

you can see r account no. name cell no. etc etc etc

just try it hope now it works :police:

what does this mean? do i have to keep on typing arp -a till i can see the ip i wanted?

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