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Looking to upgrade my video card.


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Yah you will likely haft to upgrade the PSU as well. I face the same issue with my HP. They only put in like 300-350 watt PSUs.

My comp only has a 300 watt PSU and i have a 512 mb 7600 GS on mine and it works flawless. It also has DVD burner, CD burner, 2 gigabit ethernet NIC cards, 7.1 sound card and 2 hard drives.

My comp is actually a server ( Dell 400SC ) used for a desktop so you should try it first to see how it goes as it might work fine.

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DX10 is overrated. The low-end cards don't even run the current pseudo-DX10 games and it'll take another upgrading period of 1 - 2 years before it's established as the dominant dx version.

Unless you're getting a 8800GTS or higher don't bother with DX10.

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I'd recommend a 7600GT.


Affordable and should be a great increase in your FPS.

Im running that simular card but the BFG 7600 GT OC, i dont have a vga its all hdmi, but i was geting almost 600fps in low detail on 3dmark 01se at 1024X768. To me its a pretty good card for the money, and i think it only requires a 300 watt psu.

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