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DNS slowdown on laptop (wireless)


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My dad recently purchased a toshiba laptop. He is far away from the modem so wireless is the only option. There is a significant DNS lookup delay with any website. In firefox, it gets stuck on "looking up www.somesite.com" for 10 seconds or more each time i open a site. Once it connects, browsing the site is fast. The computer is no more than 30 feet away from my router, and signal strength is at maximum as well as testmy.net shows good results on speed tests. Pinging google.com shows good numbers although it stalls in the beginning resolving the address. The network adapter on the computer came with IPV6, i disabled it, and input the DNS servers on the card as (router IP) and the DNS used by my other computers. That didn't work. Other than that, the connection status frequently shows as only being able to access "Local" rather than "Local and Internet" which sometimes shows up, although I am able to browse the internet regardless of what it says.

Any ideas?

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