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:lol: my dreams of the 28th Sept are fading  :cry2:,

70 to go @ 22.49 BST ,28th Sept. :sad:

Don't forget whip cream lol.  :haha::2funny:

:lol: take it from me Bro , Whipped cream goes rancid after about one hour , with body heat ,  :wink2: but  strawberry jelly is good for 3,on the nips  :oops:

( so I have been told ) the usuall disclaimer applies  :lol:

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13th    September    Philp

24th        "              Justinlay

26th      "              Powerspec

28th      "              Roco

29th        "              Ajb62787

1st    October      Tdawnaz...bet 200 tmn bucks

2nd      "            Siryak...bet shug himself

3rd        "            Tommie G

4th        "            Coknuck

5th        "            Starship T

10th      "            Aggr3

15th      "            The Dog

16th      "            RTB

21st        "          just-

22nd      "            TimPawlak

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menegger is member #49956...

timpawlak...hover ur pointer over their name (anyones name) to find their member # (i'm #33...ur #3796) so there is 44 to go...

looks like it's not gonna happen on the 1st...oh well...i had such great plans for shugar :( ...maybe at 75,000 :)

:haha: :haha:

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