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Make your SmartBroken Faster!


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hey there,

I'm from  binalonan pangasinan.. i'm using SMART BROKEN for 1 month now. i'm experiencing fast download more than 400Kbps, but the upload is pain the BUTT, 20-40kbps... i can't upload and when you click a link, it requires more than 10 seconds to execute or see a page... how can i reslove this??? :cheesy::angry:

What's your CANOPY Version? is upgrade necessary?? what are your canopy settings??? :shocked::2funny:

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We all know that the poorest internet service so far is Smart Bro. downloading Simple DNS Plus 4.0 might just help your speed improve somehow

Simple DNS 4.0 is not free; it has a 14-day trial period though


Simple DNS has some issues  http://forums.jhsoft.com/RssFeed36-554-0-2.aspx

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best to have a nice quarantine system if you think you need the files but its bundled with viruses/trojan, you can isolate the part that has the mentioned malwares/spywares, but eventually not all files can be saved and sometimes deletion is the last option than repair.

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Guest ExtremeFusion


If you want to make your speed (DL / UL) faster..

try the following, i did...

change your QOS (quality of service in your canopy page setup to high priority channel..can't remember the exact phrase)

follow the 20 steps

exhaust all means of tweaking until you spent about 1 week of sleepless nights doing it (just kidding)...

relocate your ap!?

and shout the **** to the smartbro TSR/CSR to fix their base station in your place...(as if they're gonna that...)

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