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UFO or not a UFO that is the question


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See it for yourself and tell if its really a UFO  or not


I should say  it may be because    NOT:  1. it doesn't spin in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion    IS: if you happen to pause it once the bottom part of the UFO  is over the house, you can look at it  and if you look at the bottom part, you could see a Alien design face .

Weird  eh?  Tell me what you think

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im thinking not. especially since if you watch closely the video background (the city) glitches and stays still for like 2 ms or something, and the "ufo" keeps moving" ....at least it seems that way to me  [nerd]

someone either used radio control models, or is experienced in video editing where they put two scenes together. very nicely done though.

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Nope you are right      this was posted on Baltimore Sun's website August 23rd  http://www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/custom/today/bal-to.ufo23aug23,0,7227676.story?track=rss    Title is : YouTube UFO videos identified as hoaxes    Animator created images for film research.

I'm sorry  but it seemed like in 1 way it looked real  but it was a way for the person to collect money for his/her work only to find out its computer animated

But about 7 years ago, there was word that a UFO was spotted over Baltimore,MD  and I happened to spot it myself.  It was hovering at about 20,000-30,000 feet  around 8-10pm  for about 10 minutes  and then it accelerated at a high rate of speed  into space.

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Unfortunately it has been debunked. The guy that made it admitted to it. Apparently he made it in about 16 hours. There is another video in this series as well. Nicely done though.BUT the ohare UFO is very real and Dan Akroyd (sp) is gonna release film and pics of it. Search you tube for ohare ufo and watch the reports on Fox News and CNN. Very cool.

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See it for yourself and tell if its really a UFO  or not


I should say it may be because    NOT:  1. it doesn't spin in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion    IS: if you happen to pause it once the bottom part of the UFO  is over the house, you can look at it  and if you look at the bottom part, you could see a Alien design face .

Weird  eh?  Tell me what you think

:icon_scratch: whats an Alien face design ?  I think that answers the question

BTW aliens are not out there, they dont exist , it's just we need to belive they do ,

just my opinion   :alien:

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Thats because their all aliens. They just want to turn us into Soylent Green or some other food matter. :cheesy: 

I thought I was the only one that ever saw that movie. It was. Great. Soylent Geen is made of People!!!!!

U.F.Os and people from other parts of the universe is like ones faith in the man upstairs. It takes blind faith.  I believe personally, there is to much space out there and we would be full of ourselfs to think we are alone. As much of a mess we have made of this planet It would be a safe bet that we are not the brightest crayon's in the box. They just watch us cause its like watching a car wreck. You shouldn't watch but you just can not help yourself.

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sorry to question that , but who made it clear ?

all the reports I can find say it was a hoax ,

"ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - A new Air Force report concludes that the ``alien bodies'' that were supposedly covered up along with the crash of a flying saucer in Roswell in 1947 were actually crash-test dummies used in parachute experiments, a UFO skeptic says. Air Force spokeswoman Gloria Cales said Friday that a follow-up report to the 1994 debunking of the so-called Roswell Incident will be released Tuesday, but she refused to discuss details. However, a publisher of the Skeptics UFO Newsletter said he has seen the report and it concludes that dummies used in high-altitude parachute tests in the late 1950s were the basis of reports of alien bodies. "

to my way of thinking if it does exist why is it not on dispay , it would be a bigger crowd puller than Disneyland , after all a dead boy king  Tutankhamun 3000 years old , is stll being shown around the world,  :shrug:

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Its tough to tell if they were really aliens or crash test dummies  if you put US Government and Aliens all in the same sentence. After all the denials of Aliens and UFOs in the U.S. itself, who is it to believe that the O'Hare UFO story is  really real after all. To me, I believe that the O'Hare UFO sighting really did happen because it scared employees there to have an anxiety attack and ask for time off from work because they were scared to death when they saw it first hand. For it to burn a  1/4 mile hole in the clouds over the airport that day, not even an airplane could do that. Explain that to me  and explain how come the US Goverment says  Area 51 is "non-existant"

This may be a crazy picture but  http://www.rotten.com/library/cryptozoology/aliens/aliens1.jpg

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I am not sure if any saw it. The movie that really got to me was called "fire in the sky". About some guys taken to a ship and such. They all passed lie detector tests. Which I can see one maybe 2 but I believe there were 4 of them, and for all 4 to pass the test is just odd in itself. 

Yes I have seen strange things in the sky. Were they ufo's. No idea.

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For proof, this is a picture that was taken onboard a plane at O'Hare Airport of the UFO  http://farm1.static.flickr.com/132/351112882_537885f5a9.jpg and this one of the UFO after it punctured a hole in the clouds http://ufosightings.ca/images/07-02-Feb/chicago-ohare-ufo-puncture.jpg

:smile2: OK ajb62787 I will try and prove my point of view . but I think we will not agree , and no problem for me , you either belive or you dont , I just happen not to ,  :shrug:

ok, the 3 pictures . with only enlargement and colour shift , they explain why I think the originel was a hoax ,

the cloud picture (banded cirrocumulus ) is a delicate cloud type , usualy between 5-8000 ft. it is easily punctured by thermal convection , this often occous where the has sun warmed expance of concrete ( airports )  if something large and hot had caused this puncture , you would see Mares tails trailing in the dirction  the craft had taken

O'Hare airport seems to be a busy one , so lots of tourists and plane spotters ? ,

most of them carring cameras , and no doubt a few taking pictures at the time , so no pictures of the craft ?

The nearest proof I have of Alien visitors , involves evolution and the Bible ,

and I could give 4 pages of my theory  :evil6: and no doubt all the members would hit the "Start - Turn off computer", buttons  :lol:

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Try me! :icon_rr:

:lol: Roco's   theory of  the meaning of life :undecided: .............. :lol:

It ain't quiet finished , no doubt with my luck the final piece of the puzzle will beat me ,

Eureka,  it's-it's-it's  ..... cough-cough  thud ........................=  :angel:

BTW, before I joined TMN i was advised to keep out of religion

due to a thing called the  Bible belt  :icon_scratch:, but it was OK for Garter belt  :icon_thumright:, and was indeed a  popular talking point in the States ,  :lol:

OK I will work on a cut down theory , so coming soon , The religious bit only confirms the scientific part anyway , Evolution and the Bible , both can complement each other , and are a lot closer than many would believe IMHO,

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Good argument Roco,

aircraft have shadows - http://www.nauticalcurrents.com/airandsea.htm

O'hare has nearly 1 square mile of concrete not counting runways.

ajb,  What is YOUR opinion about who made the pyramids?

I read that a pharaoh ordered construction of one pyramid when he was 20 something years old and it was ready by the time he died.  I really feal that theory was made by someone who doesn't know his history.

How many years in the furture do you think a skyscraper will reach 180 floors?  (Hint: the Burj Dubai is nearing floor 150)

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:lol: the condensed theory is ready  :evil6: ,but how the universe began is beyond my limited intellect , I have tried (many times ) laying on my back on a remote hill , rat arsed  :occasion14: gazing up at the stars seeking the answer,all I ever got was a hangover and a cold for my troubles  :evil2:, Duh, the things I force myself I do to gain knowledge  :evil6:

Apes are the members of the Hominoidea superfamily of primates, which includes humans.

Current understanding is that the apes diverged from the Old World monkeys about 25 million years ago.

The first HomoSapiens ,2.2-1.6 million years ago

so for the first 22million Apes apes never evolved ,

along with other creatures like the shark, hippo etc,

even today humans are the only animal still evolving ,

WHY suddenly did the ape gain the ability to reason and invent ?

moving on , current DNA work suggests that the whole human race is traceable back to 7 women , and they could have been female Apes genetically modified ,

or at least with modified implanted eggs,  

By who ? and why ? a God or Alien ?

most world religions forbid sex with animals ,

but we lapsed on that , ( and apparently some OZ sheep shearers never got the message ) and "God " was angry , and destroyed all mankind apart from a few "clean ones " ,

Tdawnaz's time and travel theory is supported by the Bible , it clearly says *"X" went in the fiery chariot into the sky , and on his return all his generation had died but He met his great-great grandchildren , and lived in peace with them ,

at the speed of light time stands still . this time shift has now been proved by Einstein ,

a very condensed version of Roco's theory of the origin of life , if this doesn't make sense , my other theory is "42"  

the Great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Answer_to_Life,_the_Universe,_and_Everything

if all the above theories fail me I drop back into native dog mode , can I eat it , nope , OK can I screw it , nope

sigh, all I got left is to piss on it

:oops: sorry for the *"X", as a church of England school boy and a brief monastery  inmate (Benedictine  ) and now a modernistic  Pagan , Roco's motto ( if you got religion flaunt it , if not keep your head down and nobody today will notice  :lol:) I should be able to remember "X" from the old testement , :oops:

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well what about egyptian times    The Great Pyramids    theories have said that  aliens and UFOs help built the Pyramids in Egypt.

Just a humorous picture  http://www.k3pgp.org/seti/aliens.jpg

:2funny: on the picture ajb62787, You have a good point on the Great Pyramids , same for our Stonehenge    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonehenge

nobody has figured out how or why it was built ,

the Pyramids they reckon was built using slave labour  and lots of timber !,

(there were no suitable trees for over a thousand miles ),  :shock:

My disbelief in todays Aliens doesn't mean they don't exist , I just wish folk would stop faking important evidence , and circulating false rumours , it just clouds the important research , in my view if they exist and have the technology to arrive on Earth , they would hold off visiting with all it's entry problems , stay back a few million miles and make contact from there ,

Thanks for the pics. of O'Hare airport Blako , looks like a mass of concrete down there , :shocked:

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sorry for the triple post ,but time UK style marches on ,(1.11 am GMT )

maybe this explains it all ,  :lol:

Two aliens landed in the Arizona desert near an abandoned gas station. They approached one of the gas pumps, and one of the aliens addressed it.

"Greetings, Earthling. We come in peace. Take us to your leader."

The gas pumps of course, didn't respond. The alien repeated the greeting. Again there was no response. The alien, annoyed by what he perceived to be the gas pumps haughty attitude, drew his ray gun, and said impatiently, "Greetings earthling. We come in peace. How dare you ignore us in this way! Take us to your leader, or I'll fire!"

The other alien shouted to his comrade, "No, you don't want to make him mad!" But before he finished his warning, the first alien fired.

There was a huge explosion that blew both of them 200 meters into the desert, where they landed in a heap rather abruptly. When they finally regained consciousness, the one who fired turned to the other one and said, "What a ferocious creature. It damn near killed us! How did you know it was so dangerous?"

The other alien answered, "If there's one thing I've learned during my travels through the galaxy, when a guy has a penis he can wrap around himself twice and then stick it in his own ear, you don't mess with him."

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