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Ubuntu just saved my A** BIGTIME


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I sold an item on E-Bay, I received an email, format (.eml)  I used "gedit" to open the attachment to see that they were going to deposit 2400.00 USD in my account, the sale was only 39.00 , I have the Trace of server ip's, and all identities from the sender, that spoofed the e-mail, and forwarded them to paypal.

It is possible, that if I were to have opened in windows, I may have seen the .eml in a browser , so the links would have been active, and I may have mistaken them as real, logging in , and giving my password and account info to the crook.

They then turned around last night, and attempted , actually, they had a hold of over 30,000 USD on my attached credit cards and checking account, but they were stopped by paypal due to the id number mismatch.

Thank ubuntu, I love you.

BTW, I use spamarrest.com they detected this may be a forged email by means of  SPF testing

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Very nice, and thats another reason why i don't use ebay...

That and I have done equally well without using them also. I have done better in the local papers. In the last month, I have sold 3 cars and 2 kiddie electric cars, So I do not bother. Plus no online crap. And when purchasing from ebay, I always pickup and pay in cash. So no thanks ebay.  :smiley:
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I guess I've been lucky.I've bought many things on ebay almost all with good results.I've never sold anything though.I use Paypal but take their advice & never respond back via e-mail.If I get an e-mail from Paypal I go to their site through my browser not an e-mail link.

Also I have only a credit card backed Paypal account & that card has a low limit on purpose.Paypal has wanted access to my bank account for I think they call it "Verified" but I continue with only the credit card.

So I guess I will continue to buy from ebay.

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on both paypal and ebay...any emails that u receive from them can be viewed from thier website...so yeh it's much safer than opening anything from ur email program...personally i don't open any .eml attachments...all my friends know not to forward anything to me...cuz i won't open it...

i've used both ebay and paypal for many years with no problems...

good catch mudmanc4...that was close...*sigh of relief*...just in the future...remember...any email that u recieve from anyone that ur buying from or selling to is in ur "myebay" in the inbox and same with paypal...and if u respond from their...there is a box to check to hide ur email addy from them...

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