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Comcast throttles BitTorrent traffic

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you also have to look at it from a financial aspect: traffic from one isp to the other is expensive. which gives the isp ample reason to not want this huge bandwidth load on their inter-isp connections. especially since the isp ends up paying for connections that are in many cases illegal.

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The only thing I want to point out about this is that there has been a federal mandate in place for years now to limit the amount of information that a customer can upload and download in a given amount of time. It's called the Fair Access Policy. Granted, individual ISPs are free to actually set the limitations for their own individual users, depending on packages and whatnot. But the point is, this is only another facet of the Fair Access Policy. If someone get's pissed off about the fact that they are having their download and upload usage throttled back, then they should stop with the dirty movies they are obsessed with and use the internet for more important things.

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I use 'BitChe' (if you are unsure about it, google it - a very neat program that doesn't need the .netframework); also Chip the creator (from DietK) is one intelligent mofo and there are scripts to many torrent sites where you can download programssoftwareshareware legally without a hitch.

And as far as the article reads, those Comcast users who use torrent (seed) should implement the VPN - SSH protocol


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