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Just saw a special on discovery. They assembled several Super smart people. They used ballistic Jell, With skeletons inside the jell. They also had a doctor without knowledge of the experiment preform a "autopsy" on the skeletons. They also asked a second doctor for his opinion of one bullet or 2 bullets involved in the shooting.

They placed a sharp shooter 60 ft in the air. They allowed for 3 degree pitch of the road. and placed the "victims" in the exact same location as that fateful day.

He took his One shot. The wounds were dead on right. He created 7 wounds with one bullet. The "autopsy" was real close to what jfk's was.

They then asked an expert, if he were to testify would he say one or two bullets were involved in the shooting. He stated that there were 2 bullets involved. They then showed the footage of the one shot. The bullet itself had the same shape and form as the one at the jfk shooting.  So in short. One shooter, the footage and recreation proves it. Sorry conspiracy buffs.

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So in short. One shooter, the footage and recreation proves it. Sorry conspiracy buffs.

I am sure it was quite the smoke screen ninjageek. But like all good magic acts that was not the big conspiracy in the first place. It was why and for who. Not really how many bullets were fired. Yes he did fire that fatal shot, I never doubted that one.  :azn:

In other words the slight of hand was the conspiracy is still not proved.

LBJ still had it done, I will always say. There is the conspiracy they will not be able to disprove no matter how good they say they are.   [nerdly]

It was his only way to the presidency, he tried to get voted in. Voters did not want him. And he was the one who screwed us into Vietnam for so many years over nothing. Yet Bush gets slammed worse for less damage.

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Was oswald put up to it. Who knows. I had always wondered was there one or 2 shooters. Me personally. After seeing this show on discovery and the lengths they went to to either prove or disprove the one or two shooters were involved, I firmly believe there was only one shooter.

In hindsight, a second shooter could of been a HUGE mistake. The reason being if the second shooter had missed his mark, and it does happen, the American people would of known something major had happened. It would of been to big of risk to use a second shooter. One could also argue that if oswald was used by the government, was he so stupid not to leave proof hidden "just in case"??  Any one with any sense would of left something hidden a trump card as it were.

So I would ask. If the government put you up to something major would you not have something to use as a trump card. Something that would ensure the covering of your behind? Would not be that hard to do, and lets face it, our government is not that good enough to stop someone from doing just that. Just my 2 cents.

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You also have to remember LBJ was one of the  most powerful men in america or congress during that time. So who says he did not have something actually on Oswald. I don't think it was by choice he shot JFK. I think it was something he had NO choice about.

You notice there was never anything about why he did it.  Not concrete anyway.

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yeh oswald did it pretty sure on that...tho that coulda been a fall guy sorta thing...i'm he didn't know how he was gonna fall...but positive that lbj was behind it all...he was the shooter that never pulled the trigger...the republican behind the democratic republican

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