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cant seem to get faster speeds


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I see speeds from 1000 to 1500 and I've tried the tweaks that rev had and still cant get that high.Im on a 6000 with a ss of 63.

Is there anything else I can do? Should I call dway tech support ?  My speed isnt super slow bout 600 or so . For the money I'm paying dway is tearing my mouth out.

Should be faster. help plz 

thx the phreek

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Hey Phreek.......many variables play into your speed test........the satalite you're on.....the frequence you have........the proxy server you are currently passing through......and the time of day and number of users.

Myself......at 6:00 am  I'm running 1000-1280Kbs...............right now 167 Kbs.........and yea the bill doesn't change any.......

I feel your pain :angry3:

PS mondays are usually the worst for me..........on sm5........at 1230Mhz

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Hello Phreek. I read your previous post and see that you have the DW6000. Aggr3 is right there are many things that effect your speed. Peak hours of the day will be the worst. 600 is not really bad depending on the time of day you have that speed. Please remember when comparing speeds to others that you have to compare to other with the DW6000 only. There are 4000's and 3000's out there that can be tweaked much more than the DW6000. They will almost always have a higher download speed.

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