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my SMARTBRO suddenly became unSTABLE


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elow po

ive been tweaking my smartbro connection using cablenut it was successful at first im reaching a stable speed of 400k+ (while viewing youtube DL's etc im monitoring it using AnalogX)  but recently i lost my connection for fck*n 3 days i called the hotline and they manage to fix it...but now my connection is somewhat unstable

now while viewing youtube my net peaks at 400k+ then goes down to 56k then goes back up again etc.( im monitoring it using analogX) d ko alam kung ngffluctuate ung twag d2 pero bago ako n DC for 3 days stable sya sa 400+

plz i need help^________^ nkakairita na manuod sa youtube ngaun dpat ko pa ibuffer ng mtagal ngaun T_T

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something wrong happened to your connection for three days so its possible that something has been changed. i believe the tech support told you to release or renew your tcpip configuration.

did the operator tell you to write in your command prompt "ipconfig /release" or "ipconfig /renew"?

try to check again your cablenut adjuster and see if there's a change. if so input the right value in the box provided.

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yap yap ipconfig/renew tpos unplug ko ung power source ng canopy operator told me i was getting the wrong ip kaya wala me net

tinry ko na delete ung nkasave n good setting ng cablenut then using j79zlr i made a new setting based dun sa bago kong speed na bumagal..pero now wa effect n sya..i also tried removing all cablenut settings but no such luck too..

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