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Duh. the UK has done it again


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Pirbright: Labs at centre of outbreak 

A government institute and private firm occupy the Pirbright site

The latest case of foot-and-mouth, at Egham, Surrey, involves the same strain of the disease that infected herds last month.

Official reports blamed the previous outbreak on the Pirbright laboratory site, 10 miles away.


So this now involve me this time , I got restricted zone signs at the start of my road ,

and I am not welcome at any park or farm ,  :evil2:,

and I have to walk or drive over a special 40ft  mat , to leave home ,

I will post up some pics ASAP .

the cause is a leaking waste drain (known about for 5 years ) but the cost of repair was still being argued about 5 years on , UV is the killer of this disease , but we have just had the dullest summer on record in the UK , so now the gov. is shifting the blame onto the weather  :roll:

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Hmmm. They just discovered they got the exclusion zone wrong.  :lol:

the special mat has been taken away , jeez what a cock up ,( Miles -Kilometers

but as I work in the centre of the outbreak I still have to drive into it anyway ,

some pics as promised , the gov. will be Happy enough to pay any fine levied , they just pass it on to the taxpayers (me )

as you can see they burn the livestock on the spot , the sad part is a lot of the animals are special breeding stock , raised over many generations of family farmers , they are devastated by the lose ,

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That sucks that you have to deal with that everyday.

But be happy it wasn't Ebola or the disease from the movie 28 Days Later.

There could be rampaging killer Zombies running around   

OMG!! Thats what it really is. Is all a conspericy. Roco is trying to spread it through the forums. OMG!! We will all be zombies now. Will someone please call oliver stone and get this picture made before its to la..........

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I may get blasted and flamed. But I am telling all strait up, This stuff really makes me wonder. I am NOT saying its the end of the world. But for someone that does believe in the man upstairs and the good book, It sure seems that allot of what was said in that book is comming to pass. I hope and pray im good to go in case it all comes to pass, In fact I hope every one is. Cause I do believe a visit from the man upstairs is not that far off. Could be wrong, might be. This kinda stuff sure makes me wonder

I apoligize if I offended any one with that statment and it was not my intention to preach or force my views on things on others.

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