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Switch Problem


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Alright i got a new switch today a Netgear GS605. I hooked in my Xboxs Ethernet booted it up showed a IP (It's Modded) works fine, Hooked my Ethernet to the switch went online also works perfect. Went to WAL MART bought a 50 foot Cat 5E Ethernet cable hooked into her computer and the switch and it cannot for the life of it acquire a IP address from the router through the switch which is doing th DHCP thing.

Well thats the problem um if more specific information is needed i can get it just I am not to good with words =p

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Ignore the things I post that you already have done  K?

Set up router, and computer for DHCP, shut off all machines, including xbox and router, make sure you are not in the uplink connector going to the computer. That goes to the router. Turn on router and switch, wait for router to obtain IP from modem, then power on computer, then other terminations. :)

EDIT:I should have said shut everything off, then start w/ the modem, router, switch, then computer and xbox

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