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Cellphone Internet on Laptop??


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Ok I got unlimited internet on my phone. I was wondering using my data cable for my phone is there a way to get internet on the laptop using my phone? I hope, if you can please let me know how to do it. They want $75 a month for internet at my store.

EDIT: If it helps I got cellone, and I own a sont ericsson phone..

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Ok, let me reword this. I made it a bit confusing. I have cellular one as my cell phone service provider. I own a sony ericsson w300i. Now I am trying to get internet for my business and all the places I call want $50-$75 a month for internet. I have the unlimited internet usage plan on my cell phone and I was wondering is there a way to connect my phone to my laptop if I own the data cable to get the internet on it without getting extra charged? If so how do I do this with the phone I own. Thanks.

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Well i can tell you now your not going to get much faster than 56k. Yah it can be done. About a year and haft ago i had a old samsung phone i used to use it as a modem using this program http://www.datapilot.com/productdetail/93/producthl/Notempty.I think you needed your own driver i believe, but anyways the program will set everthing up and thats pretty much it. Its kinda costly but it worked good for me :smile2:

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