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SVCHost Error


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OK, So the problem is for some reason my SVChost.exe process (PID 1580) is spiking CPU consumption to about 30-60% every 3-6 seconds.  This might not seem like a problem but scanning my computer now takes significantly longer and many games incur lag spikes every 3-6 seconds (very annoying).  I've seen a few other people with the error but have yet to find a solution thats works.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give me :smitten:

System Info.

OS: XP SP2 Professional 32 bit

CPU: AMD 64 3800+

GCPU: Nvidia 6800GT 256 Mb

RAM: 1.5GB

Services run by PID 1580 include:

    AudioSrv, Browser, CryptSvc, Dhcp, dmserver, ERSvc, EventSystem, FastUserSwitchingComp., HidServ,

    lanmanserver, lanmanworkstation, Netman, Nla, NwSapAgent,RasMan, Schedule, seclogon, SENS, SharedAccess,

    ShellHWDetection, srservice, TapiSrv, TrkWks, W32Time, winmgmt, wscsvc, wuauserv, WZCSVC

It only recently started acting this way, not sure what changed in that time but nothing major.

Thanks again!

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So, I did a bunch of virus scans they all came back negative so I'm pretty sure its not a virus. However I think it might be a memory leak.  The page size of Svchost appears to continually grow upwards of 500K =C.  The memory count is never less than 36K, its at least the 3rd highest on my list if I'm running a game.  However another possibility is that it might be a problem with my memory as within a few hours SvcHost (no other programs though) easily exceeds 5 million page faults.  Thinking about it I might just be spending way to much time doing OS + mem operations.  How would I narrow it down and test each of these individually to tell which one is the true cause?

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