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How did you find TMN?


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isnt there a thread like this from a long time ago?  :wink2:

Most likely a few actually.

I was looking under a rock and there it was.  :tickedoff:

Kidding, I found it via my satelite installer to check my speeds. Saw how nutty it was, and well I figured I might eventually be able to fit in. Well one of these days maybe.  :evil:

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isn't there a thread like this from a long time ago?  :wink2:

Well i did find this one, but I think there is another one? Whats funny i had to google it to find it. LOL


Also everyone I did find some of the old test my.  Damn time flys, and just shows how much testmy as grown!!!  

Year 2001:






Maybe when Ca3le gets better we could maybe create a time line of TestMy?

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Member #167 justinlay? You been here over a week then?  :lol:

50Kb Test  has been removed - The 50Kb was not being used correctly, people with high speed connections were using this test frequently and on high speed connections this test is EXTREMELY inaccurate,  so it has been phased out.  This test will NOT be brought back, if you need a smaller test than 100Kb please check the "out of site" image tests.

Thats funny, try that on a 10 meg cable line, or FIOS. LOL
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