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wuz up,

          I'm just starting to learn Java,and I  need a compiler and have heard of "java grasp" and "doctor java" but when I google I dont see any link to download it, could get some info on how to get it or if its the correct thing i'm looking for ,I dont like using jdk.


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thanks for your response but didnt find dr java or java grasp, those compilers were recommended, thats why i wanted those.........................I'm using Java cuz heard it's the best out there right now, and i am also doiing it in school  :smiley:

Good for you for going down the programming path in your studies.  But what exactly did you hear that Java is best at?  What are you looking to do?

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I would start with C# then move to JAVA..  Java is a little tricker because there is no native, other than netbeans, IDE.  I learned JAVA back in high school then C#.. I wish I would have started with C# because most of the code is exactly the same, C# is the MS alternative to JAVA, and because you can develop C# in Visual Studio.. Which is about 1 billion times better than anything you are going to find for JAVA.   

I developed mostly on BlueJ and some netbeans..  All you need for a compiler is the SDK and a IDE and you should be set..


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