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Real Justice.

tommie gorman

Is this justice?  

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thank god i have never been in a similar position. but i have received training in the military as to how to guard bases in peacetime. and some of that instruction included scenarios in which i as the guar on scene would ave had to make the life and death decision on wether or not to use deadly force. oh, sure, you can say you were just following orders. but i am sur that a lot of the officers pictured in the clip amd others in similar situations have to go through a lot of counseling to stop the nightmares. to this day i am not sure wether or not i would have pulled the trigger in certain situations. to save a comrades' life, probably. but just to protect valuable equipment from sabotage? probably would have fallen back on training and done it, but the thought of the dreams afterwards... anyway. justice is served by a fair trial. what happened in the clips was maybe just, but it wasn't really justice dealt out according to the laws. it was justice dealt out accidentally, forced on the officers in the situation to protect innocent lives by taking the lives of those that threaten it. i'm stopping here. maybe go on later.

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i know they were not simple thieves. but even in those countries (looks like south america to me) there is such a thing as due process.

and while the steps that lead to the use of deadly force may be different they are a mere last resort.

my sequence was:

- stop, bundeswehr

- stop bundeswehr or i will use deadly force.

- stop bundeswehr or i will use deadly force. warning shot, repeat if confronting group or crowd

- open fire.

that scenario gave me a lot to think about.

any good person that is forced to act like those officers did will have a guilty conscience for the rest of their lives. they will be asking themselves if they did the right thing again and again.

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tommie. i'm not saying you aren't right. but put yourself in the cops boots. do you want to have to live with yourself of making a life and death call? do you want to pull the trigger and have to defend it before the most critical and aggressive court in the world, your own conscience?

today i saw a serviceman in fatigues in the store. i walked up to him, shook his hand and said thank you. he immediately understood. his neutral face turned into a big smile and he said you're welcome. i can not tell you how good that felt.

why am i putting this in this thread? because there are those among us that stand on the front lines, be it on a faraway shore or in our neighborhoods, making sure that we have the freedom to express ourselves. the freedom to rant about the government, the RIAA, the MPAA and whatever else happens to put a burr up our asses.

honor those men and women, show them your appreciation. and think about what their dreams may hold in store for them if they have to make the most final of decisions.

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Your points are well taken. Thanks bro for passing it on. I get to see them everytime I go to the VA hospital. They are wonderful guys too.

I just feel it would not be to hard for me if in the same boots. I mean they were removing trash. Not much else. And yes, I hope they deal well with it also.  :thumbsup:

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