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Poll: Is the 20 steps to make Smartbro Faster Effective?


Is the 20 steps to make Smartbro Faster Effective?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Is the 20 steps to make Smartbro Faster Effective?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I dont care!
    • Kinda works... a little

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that's right...play nice...i was this close to locking this topic...and poll is closed...these setting r helpful for some...

last warning...play nice...don't make me put anyone in a corner tsk tsk

this forum is about helping each other...we don't have newbies (such a nasty little cutesy name...so negative) nobody knows more than anyone else...they just might know something different...like me...i can tell you how many bones r usually in the human body on the day ur born and how many u should die in old age with...or the name of all the bones in ur wrist (without looking it up...hint there r 8 )...you might be able to tell me the name of every single little connection on my motherboard...is either of us smarter (well yes, i am, but i'd never hurt ur feelings and say so) fact is each of us knows more today than we did yesterday unless we were born today...and tomorrow, god willin, we'll know even more...

how 'bout we share...share ideas...share knowledge...share funny stories...share a laugh...share a photo http://www.testmy.net/t-16947

where would this forum be with out vanburen's cablenut settings...did he get upset when someone came along and said hey van this works better for me...noooo...he said, really lemme try it...anyone that hasn't checked out his settings...do...he's been here forever...

what i'm trying to say...is try to share the slide...u'll get ur turn on the swings soon enough...


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