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ading a couple of fans need some ideas.....


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Want to add a couple of fans to my case. Seems to be running a bit warm. Not bad. 120 degres pusing it. 85 degres not pushing it with a game. Its a dual core athlon 4200 2.2 GHz. Here is my case http://www.xoxide.com/aspire-x-cruiser-case-black.html .

Now on the back of the case you can see the tiny holes. A fan sits behind that. THINKING about takeing thoes holes out and replacing the 4 inch with a 5 inch fan. I saw someplace on the net someone did that.  On the side of the case is a cone that leads to the processor, Thinking of putting a fan there as well. Curently no fan is there.

So here are my questions.

1. On the back of the case, should I take out thoes little hole and put a 5 inch fan there? If so how best do I do this? Whole saw? or tin snips? The reason for removing thoes little holes would be better air flow. Really pull the heat out of the computer.

2. On the side of the case, Putting a fan there, getting rid of that tunel, do I want the fan to blow in or blow out?? 

I have cleaned out the case, cleaned the fins on the heat sink, use a tooth brush, Cleaned out the screens in the top of the case (it has a fan in the top). So Dust is not the issue, Hope all this makes sense, will explain better if needed, I apreciate all imput. No I have no desire to liquid cool the processor. Process is NOT overclocked.  Thanks all.

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