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Linux Speed Test


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OK I've got a question that's been driving me crazy.  I've got two computers, both with 10/100 Intel integrated network cards and using the SAME network cable plugged directly into my router, one always gets about something like this:


then the next one gets this:


Now if you're anything like me you're probably wondering the difference between these. The first is a Linux machine (Ubuntu feisty fawn to be precise) and the second is a Windows XP (Media Center) PC.  I already know what you're thinking, and I've ran 3 AVs and 4 anti-spywares on the Win machine and strangest bit to me would be that when I switch over to wireless on the Windows machine its speeds go back up:


But yet, my actual network speeds (did my own test involving transferring a 100MB file across my network) are fairly identical on both of these computers.  Am I missing something or has anyone else noticed this effect?

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haha did the same thing but something different....was sooo surprised by it...

First off, my advertised speed is 30/5 MB...and i usually get like 25/4.18 MB

Did the test on windows xp pro:


Run Ubuntu 7.10 (the new one) LIVE on the same machine and got this:


Ubuntu seems to show much much much faster speeds  :smitten: . Whats up with that? Other speed sites show the same speed of Ubuntu but on WinXP

Linux-to-Linux = faster internet speeds?

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