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8800GT RELEASED!!!!!


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Were they not to release a 512MB version at some point? I'l probably switch to this card when Vista SP1 comes out if SP1 makes it stable so I can get DX10. My 7600GT will hold until then. If I don't upgrade to the 8800GT, I'l probably just wait for the next generation (9xxx) since there are no games which I really want to play that my present card can't handle.

Edit: This is the info I got from THG


Regarding the clock, Nvidia has pushed the G92's stream processors to no less than 1.5 GHz. At the end of the day, the GeForce 8800GT has a computational power 46% higher than that of the 8800GTS and merely 3% lower than the 8800GTX! The only downside is memory bandwidth decreasing by 10% (still in comparison to the 8800GTS). Memory capacity is now 512 MB, but a 256 MB version will appear in the coming weeks.



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