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backing up windows and program tips and tricks.......


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Thought this thread may or may not be useful to share your tips and tricks to back up data and windows os.

1.To back up and restore my drivers I use drivemax. http://www.innovative-sol.com/drivermax/index.htm . Its free. The only thing is they want a e-mail address to send your key. Use a account and expect some spam. Or pm me I will provide you with a key. Its not stealing or pirate stuff. Its a free program and this will stop the spam.

2.I use gdrive and gmail to back up smaller files and programs. Handy and always there if you want.

3. I partiton both my harddrives, and use the partions I made to back up programs and I use norton ghost 2003 which imho is the best to back up your current windows install. I keep a ghost image of c drive on d drive and d drive on c drive.

4.As I find useful programs, and as well as notes I keep on stuff, I place them on my partion I use only for data. In time I burn it all to dvd. Do this about once every 5 or 6 months or sooner if I get more programs I really want to save. Throw out the old dvd software backup and burn a new current software backup to dvd.

5. I keep a ghost image on dvd as well. I really like nortons ghost 2003. My ghost image is only of xp with all the updates and nothing else. That way I have a clean backup copy of xp and reinstall the software I want from my dvd backup.

  Got any other back up tips or ideas, sure love to see them.

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