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StarBand NOVA


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Been on it for several days now, seems to be fine.  More stable than the 360 was.

Can't do a speed test on this site though.  I've tried several times and the screen changes to 'forwarding you to a bigger test' a few times and freezes, won't do anything else.

Tests on other sites run fine and are steady in the 490 down, 90 up range, sometimes a little better.

Connects straight to the WAN port of any router for full networking.

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I can use both of my connections a Pro and Ultimate on this site.  When you do the test, do the "test your download speed" Not the test both.  On the download test use the "larger" file size.  Do the same for the upload but use the medium file size.  If you are running a web accelerator, you will need to disable it while you are testing.

I get, on the Pro plan, around a 550 - 650 download with between 98 - 120 up.

On my Ultimate it is usually about 1250 (only one time have I saw it lower than 1250) and the upload ranging from 240 to 260.

StarBand is marketing more for toward the high-end home office/small business users and not as much for the residential customers.  The lowes rate plan you can get with the new Nova series 1000's will be $69/mo with 24/mo contract ($10 higher per month for the 12 month contracts)

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If StarBand, with whatever name on the end, is all the same satellite and equipment, they upgraded to better satellites late last year and are now doing a push into parts of Canada. http://www.bigskysat.com/ .KU band and they are actually putting to print expected speeds for primetime in their Faq's section.

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Nova is just the type of modem they're using now. Unfortunately they just did a deal with the devil Google. Still waiting to see what that's all about.

Would that be Gmail?

Some ISP's are taking the easy way out of in house email and shunting it all off to Gmail(sometimes still with the ISP's email @domain name).

Xplornet in Canada did that(Google App as they call it). And users had to change from a .com , to a .ca domain, but still with the ISP's name before it. Xplornet had TuCows(OpenSRS) for a while(after their own server), until Tucows had a server issue(cluster A) a few times, that was finally traced to a hardware issue, instead of the suspected software issue. People don't like to have their email interrupted for any amount of time.

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