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x64 XP Pro and Speed Test


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Not sure why, but for some reason I cannot complete the download test with x64 XP....

It seems to hang up around 45% on the 5983kb test, and doesn't complete.

I've tested my speed a million places, and it shows me as full speed.  Plus, if I download a file, I get full speed.  For some reason I can't complete the test here...

Is it just a problem with x64 and the test?  I tried both nic cards, and I get the same result, so I don't think it's my nic drivers..I also tried the other pc with x86 XP, and it works fine...

I turned every background process off, along with a/v firewall, and it does the same thing...

Can someone else with x64 let me know if they can complete the test.

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I feel your pain man. I have tried everything from IE-7 to Opera with no luck. There is no way I am going back to regular XP though.

So I am assuming the test hangs for you as well?

I went back to x86 for a while, but I had MORE problems than I do with x64...  :uglystupid2:

Now that there are better drivers, and more software that supports it, its not so bad...

Just wish I could get the speed test to run..It's more of a matter of wanting to know WHY it doesn't work, and if I can fix it on my end..

Going to try a few more things, and see what happens...  :?

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