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Biker Crashes Brand New Bike


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oh right

sorry  :undecided:

Don't get me wrong, I don't place any blame , nor liability on the sales dept. , but jeeze, the owner should have been more careful w/ there new bike, to say the least.

he would be the last to sell him. now he gets to sell him another one...  :evil6:

  haha, or at least a couple thou worth of goodies lol

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justin: it is most definitely not his first bike. from the billboard it's germany and it's a Frankfurt tag. This may well be the first bike he buys (which is why someone would be filming it momma) and if he just got his license that means he has completed the mandatory lessons which include overland, highway and night driving in addition to regular urban traffic and of course preliminary exercises on a parking lot or similar to learn basic bikehandling skills at slow speed. all done while accompanied by the instructor on a 2nd bike or car with radio hookup. so he would have probably 30 or so hours of experience before being able to buy his own and ride off with it. (enough at least to make him not appear like a bloody amateur, at least until he drops his new crotchrocket)

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