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Belkin modem/router false indications...

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Hey all,

I'm using a Belkin modem/router to share my adsl line between two desktop pc's. My intention was to run the primary one (my dear mother's) via ethernet cable and mine via wireless (I've been told I can't run cables through the house, doh!). As I barely managed to setup the router using the cable (apparently a common Belkin fault is that the router senses the cable is unplugged, even if it isn't...), we're both running wireless. No issues there then. However, with no ethernet cables attatched in any way the silly thing shows that port 1+2 are in use (green), and occasionally port 3 lights up orange (I assume in use but faulty?). My first question is 'why does this occur'?, and the second is 'should I worry about it?'. If it's not having/going to have a detrimental effect on our connecting to the outer world then I'm not bothered (it's not in my room so it doesn't bug me visually), but if it's a little dodgy obviously I'd like to try and rectify the problem!

Yesterday (we've had it running around 3 days all together) there was a significant slow-down, resetting the router solved this. Coincidence or related? Hmmm...

Thanks in advance for any help!


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