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Any plans to buy your gf something nice for chirstmas?


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Well the female I am seeing has started to refer to my computer as my other girlfriend. (It is cheaper and has a power switch to shut it up........ I mean off)

So the last month or so She has asked me what I was gonna get "my other girlfriend" for Christmas. After some thought. I decided. I am gonna get her a bigger set of breasts.

Think I will go with a 24 inch monitor that will replace the 19 I have. Bigger is better and size does matter. So what you all got planed to buy "your other girlfriend ?"

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:haha: :haha:

I'm planing on replacing my "other" girl, with a new 24' iMac with a core 2 extreme and 4GB of ram :grin: Hope fully it wont take so long now....

tho I am planing on getting my real wife something very nice from coach, brighton, and too top it off a new louie  :smitten:

As well as a kitchenaid mixer and some other stuff i haven't decided on yet

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Take a word of advice do not get a woman anything to do with kitchen for Christmas or Her Birthday! :wink:

OR...anything that has to do with CLEANING!!...u know don't get her that really cool broom vac that she said she wants (she wants it but not as a gift)...hahaha...an old girlfriend, back in the 70's her husband got her a broom and dustpan for mother's day...guess what i don't think he got any for like a year...he may still not be getting any... :haha: ...what a dumb ass...and it was his mother that suggested it...

but my oldest daughter is a foodie/gourmet cook as a hobby and she always wants something for her past time...she says it's what makes her fell happy and relaxed

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Whaaa.? dont get em anything , you are looking at a life time debt there  :lol:

(yeah I am single again )  the upside is I don't get anymore socks or car polish for Christmas  :lol:,

Life time of debt LOL... I learned not to let that ever happen. I'm too smart with money to let that happen.

All I Plan to buy my wife will be paid off in one day of doing a side job for a customer.

I haven't gotten socks or car polish yet  :haha: :haha:

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