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Strange Win2k speedtest results


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Okay this is probably of little use to anyone, but I had to tell someone :)

I tested my computer, Win2k Pro with FIOS 5Mb/2Mb many times and got a consistent 5Mb/1.5Mb test result using the dual test. Recently, after installing EverQuest and having lag issues in the game (game lagging, not internet caused lag) I checked my speed again, and found 3.4/1.5! Well, I was blaming EverQuest, so (leaving out several tests to verify the problem was on this computer) to test that I installed another hard drive with Win2k, all the support programs I used on the other hard drive, and World of Warcraft, testing with every program installed. My speed measured from 5.4/1.8 after installation of OS and latest service pack, to 5.2/1.5 after critical updates, and it stayed at 5.2/1.5 after the installation of everything else (I did NOT install EverQuest on this hard drive).

I changed my CPU and re-flashed my BIOS. measured my connection speed again and got 3.4/1.5! Now I was confused.

I couldn't believe this was a hardware problem, at least not the changes I made, so I did and 'upgrade' install of Win2k (I can't do a 'repair' for some reason off my copy of Win2k, maybe because it's an OEM version?) Guess what? I got back 5.4/1.8! Ah, so something must be corrupting the Windows Internet connection files, I thought. . .

Of course the stupid 'upgrade' install caused a few problems, and I had to reinstall the Microsoft upgrade program, IE 6, DirectX 9.0c, and the many security updates. Testing after each install procedure, I got a slight (negligible) speed decrease to 5.2/1.8. After all the security updates though, I got 3.4/1.5!  :shocked: This DID NOT happen I installed the security updates before!

Okay, I quit, I said to myself. Even though the other computers on my connection still get 5/1.5, I can live with the still speedy 3.4/1.5 and it's not worth any more effort. At least I found out the problem was not related to EverQuest (though the old EverQuest does have other problems). I was disappointed, but trying to be realistic. End of story, right?


In preparation for installation of a new video adapter, I downloaded the latest software for it from ATI. Guess what? My download speed was 620KBps - in other words, 5Mbps!  :lol: I retested with The dual test, and got 3.4/1.5 again.

So, something on my computer is causing a reduced speed test report by testmy.net's test, but in actuality I do not have a reduced internet connection speed. Accept, apparently, to testmy.net.

BTW, testing on one of my other computers on this same FIOS connection shows 5Mbps/1.5Mbps consistently throughout this whole mess, regardless of other computers connected to the internet.

So, go figure. I know not to trust internet speed connection tests except as a comparison to themselves (the reason I use testmy.net is that my results are so consistent), but I am a total loss as to why my test results should change so much and only on my computer, apparently at random (and only to a reduced speed, it has never increased except by re-installing the OS)!

Not really asking for an explanation here, just relating what I hope is an interesting experience (though I would love an explanation, of course). Heh, thanks for listening. :)

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