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DW6000 Firewall has been removed/moved


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Today I tried to modify my DW6000 firewall that was located at:

and was greeted with the message:

You are not allowed to modify the Direcway Packet Filter Firewall configuration. Please contact Technical Support for further help.

Being a licensed installer I called 2nd level directly.

Of course, calling 2nd level produced the response that they do not know how to get to the firewall and that their support does not want to give them that information. A reason was that users were able to turn off FAP by some of these methods. It is really a shame that even 2nd level support gets such lousy support from their own support groups. It was suggested that I turn to posting the question as he would have no way to get the answer and we would probably find out before they did.

This seems like a really bad move by Direcway technicians as almost every router I know of ( DSL modem or cable modem) have some hardware level firewall built into it. The DW6000 firewall allowed us to have the similar function to allow customers to block at the router all traffic coming into their site destined for specific ports. I really do not see why a properly designed firewall function would cause any consternation at the NOC or anywhere else in Direcway land.

As I do not use the firewall every day but I do believe I used it 3 months ago I am suspicious that the software upgrade of December 16, 2004 is the one that removed this functionality from us.

Does anybody know how to get to the firewall on the DW6000?

Does anybody know how to elevate this blunder to higher powers that be at Direcway to have the functionality returned to us.?

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The "rf" command you refer to I assume is the telent to the open port 1953:

telnet 1953

and issuing the "rf' command from the resultant DW 6000 VSAT Install Console.

Issuing this command will set the DW6000 back to factory defaults and require a full registration process again.

No user should ever do this unless they like paying guys like me to come out and re-register their DW6000. In fact, no user should be directed to this port unless they know fully what they are doing.

The next reply refered to the advanced menus. I am fully conversant with these menus and screens. Use them often to solve problems for users when we are sent for repair service.

No, I am asking about the undocumented firewall menus that have recently been removed.

Maybe they were given new names and someone may know where they are today.

If they have been removed is there a good contact at Hughes that we can elevate our requests to? The people that sit on the help desks are not in contact with the actual engineers that support the DW6000 product at the VxWorks RTOS level.

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