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Networking problems = very annoying


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Hi, it's me again with another networking problem.

A few weeks ago (a month ago), I posted a thread explaining a very annoying problem.

I got it fixed by setting up a Static I.P. for myself.

Another problem arose about 3 weeks later.

The problem wasn't on my main computer, it was on my other one. (It uses WiFi BTW)

It would have a small yellow triangle with an exclamation point at the icon tray bar on the bottom right on the network icon, and say acquiring network address before the icon.

I didn't know what to do, I restarted it, nothing, I restarted the adapter, still nothing.

I decided to reset my router to it's factory settings. The problem on my other computer is fixed, but now I have my old problem with my main computer.

What should I do?


BTW,I didn't set a static I.P. yet, fearing the problem on the other computer might come back.

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