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  I have noticed pauses also in my speed tests now also!!! And as far as your pauses go man all I can say is maybe it is just that the servers are busy!!! Or maybe it is like vanburen said about how it puts part in the temp folder not sure ask him to help he can help alot thanks!!!

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  As far as I go I get like 3 pauses now in my download speed test witch I didn't even after I tewaked just started happening!!! And it is only on the speed test for me not on other sites!!! But as far as I go I am happy with it I get like 2.5 mbs and I pay for 3mb dsl so its all good!!! But I think it is my fault on the pauses on the speed tests I think it is because I think my system has ads on it!!! Because I installed exeem and after it started screwing up I remove them but they keep coming back!!! But oh well I will just have to reinstall windows but not yet my C drive is full I need to back it up on my dvd's since my external hard drive is full also or deleted something!!! But anyway I think cable server is working just fine I think It is on my end!!! Also vanburen after I put you tweaks on I get like a transfer rate of like 1.0mbs at first or in the beggining witch is cool then it stays up around 400kbs for awhile then down to like 360kbs or something witch is what it should be so thanks agian for the tweaks man!!!

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Thanks for the Info, so from the tweaks I installed it's causing the flowcontrol to go offwack? will this hurt MMORPG's? I tend to play them here and there and I've noticed more lag then normal ingame. if so guess i better remove the tweak eh?

well its all up to you, use the settings thats best for you....

the tweaks is made for maximum transfer rate nothing else...

just open cablenut and click delete cablenut tweaks and click save to registry and reboot.

now your back to windows default settings.

VanBuren :)

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