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Can I get some help on a report?


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Ok my teacher decided to be a douche bag lol and give us as our final exam a report. Its 10 pages, has to be hand written about Microsoft Servers, like basically use Microsoft Windows 2003 Server as a base, we have to find out all the servers(Active Directory, DNS, ect) that is needed to run a full server for like a company.  I went to the MS site and found this http://www.microsoft.com/servers/default.mspx

At the right they have a list of all the servers, does it use all of those or just a few?  Thanks in advanced for those that can help me out with that.

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I am on my phone so I cant look at the link.. However all that a small business would really need is Windows 2003.  The different levels specify different seevices or specialities, ie data center, enterprise, small business, and web server.  For a small business... small business is the way to go.  As long as Active Directory is used for computer policy/user policy DNS is taken care of.  Active Directory requires Dynamic DNS, a MS technology, in order to function. 

I have worked with the Enterprise version the most..  Basically you could run a 5-20 client business with web, vpn, Active Directory, and file share/profile management from a single server..  However this is not the best idea for a mulitude of reasons, but it is possible.  If you have any questions post them.

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