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Shopping for a new laptop


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The laptop I own right now is a heavyweight (over 8 lbs without the power adapter) and I'm using it more and more to bring around with me, especially to school, to the point where it has become a problem; thus, I am shopping for a new,lighter one, something sub-4.5 lbs. I have a tower PC so for my power needs (multi-tasking, gaming, compiling big stuff) I'm fine, I'm really looking for something on the go that does not need at all to be powerful because I will be using it mostly for programming and writing lab reports. I could even live with 512 MB ram. Ideally it should have XP installed but I guess that Vista is ok, I know it just won't run on 512 MB ram. I'd want at least 60 GB hard drive and I don't really care about the processor, though I've always been more of an Intel person. I'd like a screen size around 13 inch or so, I would seldom use more than one window at a time anyways. Battery life is not important for I am pretty much always plugged in; as long as there is at least 1 hour charge, I'm fine. There needs to be a wireless connection, but I don't need it to be wireless-n compatible or anything. I would like to pay under 800$ for it because I won't be using it that much really, only a few times a week. I had been looking at an Everex (http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=Suggested&Description=34-280) system but I read reviews that said that sometimes it wouldn't boot. My friend recommended a Dell XPS version but that's above my budget. Do you guys have any other suggestions? Ideally, I'd like to be able to have it shipped to Canada, but if there's a great deal that can't, I can have it shipped to the US and pick it up.

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here you go man, its under 800 bucks...but its over the 4.5 pounds...its 5.3 which i find very manageable...


and it has a gig of ram a 14 inch screen 80gb hard drive. and since you like intel...a core 2 duo processor. edit- oh yeh, and xp pro.

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Seems sweet... but newegg won't ship to Canada and I can't find that model at a canadian e-tailor. Still, I'l keep it in mind if I don't find anything else.

Edit: I found this: http://www.tddirect.ca/products/121931/Acer/LX_TH10Z_018/

The description doesn't state which OS it comes with but I read elsewhere that it was vista buisness. I could give it a try and if it's to slow or doesn't work with some programs, i'l go back to xp. So right now I think that's my best option. Keep sending other deals if you find them though.

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Yay! Boxing day in Canada! I found those two models that seem interesting, but I have to rush because they will be gone tomorrow. The first one seems particularly nice, although it is a bit heavier than the acer one i was previously looking at. Any comments?



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I got the one mudmanc4 recommended after all, mainly because of its longer warranty than the refurbished one and the fact that the refurbished one had pretty low customer ratings too. I know, it's a bad reason, but I was really on the line about this and I had to pick one. The AMD one was also very slightly lighter too.

I also bought a 8800GT today, I don't think I have ever spent so much money in one day! Still, I believe that I got good deals thanks to boxing day.

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