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Maxthon 2 ad blocker


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Try tools, adhunter options and make sure everything is checked. Maxthon2 Now has a plugin that works like firefoxes. For the life of me I can not recall the name of it. You can to to the plugin downloads and look for it. Or You could post a quick question in the quest forum and I am sure it will take no time to get the link.

I do use maxthon2 from time to time. Nice browser. I just gave up on the ad blockers that browsers offer. Paid my 26 bucks and bought admuncher. Best investment I have ever made.

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this might work with Maxthon seeing as it uses IE.


111 -  Best Free Ad Blocker for Internet Explorer

Firefox users can effectively remove ads from web pages using the excellent free Ad-Block extension but there has been no comparable free add-on for Internet Explorer. Until now, that is.

IE7Pro not only provides ad blocking but tab management, proxy switching, mouse gestures and more including a very valuable crash recovery feature. There's even a Firefox GreaseMonkey-like scripting feature that allows you to add more functionality such as a rather neat skin for Gmail.

Hey with all these additional features you can convert IE7 into an almost passable alternative to Firefox ;>)

Seriously, IE7Pro is a terrific product and a must for all IE7 users. In fact it's so good that I suspect the pressure to convert it to a commercial product may well prove irresistible so download it now while it's free.

http://www.ie7pro.com/ Freeware, Internet Explorer 7, 985KB.

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