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SE K700i Help!!!

Guest ExtremeFusion

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Guest ExtremeFusion

Guys, I have tried googling "how to fix the SE k700i joystick/navigator.." but so far the threads i have read.. offer far less than a probable solution...

I know SE k700i is a Jurassic phone.. but what the heck? it still does work for me..

To those who previously or currently have this phone, you know the problem very well too, right?

It is the joystick, unresponsive sometimes responsive but in the wrong way.. like when i press it to go the left, it selects.. when i press it to the right..it goes down..

I need help people...

I already taken the phone apart...

Any suggestions is well appreciated...

Thank you!

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Guest ExtremeFusion

You got me there CB2k7...  :grin:

I was thrilled that someone replied on my post...

Though I thought it was a suggestion other than buying a new one... hehehe  :lol:

Thanks for that info,

But this SE k700i has been on my possession for 'bout 3 or 4 years...

And i think it would cost a lot less if I am going to trade it with a new phone like the one you suggested..

Anyways, i have tried cleaning the unit...but doesn't do any good...

BTW, I remembered someone here in tmn is a Filipino that fixes Computer and Cellphones.. gotta give him a pm now.. hehehe

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Guest ExtremeFusion

can't go to a local repair shop? where do you live anyway? you can buy phones cheap in greenhills.

nah.. it's not that...

i know how "dirty" some cellphone technician gets and though not all but mostly charged for a very high price as if it was extortion..

OT: your avatar, is that you or a pic of your gf? you have not indicated whether you are a female or male.

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i think she's SHE.. hope i get it right base on the pix. :uglystupid2:

neway, bout your problem. its always been a problem for those who have phone that has a joystick. so i suggest that if your going to buy a phone in the future, avoid getting a phone with joystick.

if you know how to solder, you can fix it yourself. just buy a replacement joystick for your phone. its cheaper than buying another phone anyway but i do hope its available in your local phone repair shop.

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This is from information on how to repair remote controls.Google that for more instructions.

Try repairing key pad with this product:


If you can't get that try this product.It's for a different application but will work to make the key pad contact work again.

Permatex Quick Grid Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit


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Me personally, wouldn't want to be confused with a girl.  :wink:

Might get the wrong offers.  :knuppel2:

By the way, she's quite adorable.  :shock:


For your pleasure here is FB.  :wink2:


Now post your pics fella's. Or are you fella's?  :?:[nerdly]

lol, tommie, i did that just to check who would actually give some offers. looks like almost had one :2funny: anyway, thanks for the compliment.

yeah, i've posted my mugshot here a long time ago, wonder why others(cough..CB..cough) won't post theirs.

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ExtremeFusion I haven't been inside a mobile phone .Does the key pad contact have the "graphite" surface? Thats the part that makes contact with the circuit board.This surface is what the kit repairs.

It is possible that the circuit board has been worn out or damaged if that's the case then there is no repair.

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Guest ExtremeFusion

here is a pic.. about what the pcb looks like with it's joystick soldered in it..


the joystick is my problem.. i think there is nothing wrong with the cb..

SEE that square with four white dots in it, that is the joystick of my mobile phone...

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Guest ExtremeFusion

Actually I could get  replacement part for my joystick that cost..

Php 100.00 or 2.44 $ (41 Php = 1 $)

Then.. I'll grab a soldering iron.. Then I'll be the one to fix this joystick of mine..

Dunno if i'm on the right track..

Think using a soldering iron is better or would it damage the CB?

Or Am I opt to find another solution?

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Guest ExtremeFusion

At last.. It is fixed..

I just use an alcohol to clean the joystick and the circuit board and viola.. somehow it does magic and its back and working again...

guys, thanks for all your help, really appreciate it..

and to the mods, please close this thread.. i am done with my prob...


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ExtremeFusion ;Glad you got it fixed.Alcohol is a solvent & will work but it can be hard on some polymers.That's why the contact cleaner is a better choice.But you can probably get by once.

On replacing the part if you need to in the future.If you haven't use a soldering iron much then it would probably be best not to.If you are going to solder get a good soldering gun & put in a small tip for delicate soldering.A magnifying glass you can look through while working helps.Then you need a manual desolderer the kind that vacuums the old solder off & excess new solder if necessary.

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