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Connectiivty problem


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Hi again everyone,

Hope all is well, and now for the problem:

There is something wrong with the communication between the router and the modem. I have internet when connecting the cable directly from the modem to the PC. I've tried power cycling multiple times, plug in modem, plug in router power. I am getting the little or no connectivity error. When both are plugged in, I can go to but not I can unplug the cable that runs between the modem and router, and I don't get network cable has been unplugged error, but as soon as I turn off the modem, that error pops up.



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I'm not sure about the Ping Utility. How would I check that? It has happened before and randomly it starts working again

When I log into the admin page of my router, I go to Tools and there is a network ping test which allows me to enter a URL or IP address, and my router then sends a ping to that host and tells me if it is able to get through.  If you could find this, it would tell you if the router is getting the proper signal and able to send/receive data from the internet.

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