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just installed fear and...

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yeh old game, but i finally decided to get it.  :lol:

i installed it, MAXXED everything out taht was an option, even 16xAA and everything...here is a screen of my fps test, what do you think?

and also...the reason i started this thread.....i activated punkbuster in the options menu, but when i try to join a game i get kicked because Punkbuster failed to initialize.  :angry:

edit/ i forgot to say...the real screen resolution is 1680x1050...i just resized the ipc because thats a huge screenshot if not.

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I was just wondering. But something isn't right b/c I have a intel core2duo E6600 and 2 8800 GTS 640mb running in SLI with 2 gigs of buffalo firestix ddr2 800Mhz. I also had the BFG 7950GT 512mb and I never got those scores. Oh well that is weird.

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