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SMARTBRO PLAN 999.. Please POst Your Fastest Speed Here ^^


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im using ESET SMART SECURITY V.3.0.642.0 and the only thing u need to do is put proxy server to it.even w/o proxies on both browser.  :smile2: @ coolbuster

well yesterday i fixed my cousins pc and installed this av/firewall it gave him maximum speed like mine even without having to tweak or change settings on canopy.(caz i cant access the canopy) :haha:

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this is my connection at 7:30 am today


I wanted to know if this speed are consistent or are they just for a short period of time.. for all i know there is something we call burst speed which lasts for around 5 to 10 seconds which sometimes make the speed testing a bit unreliable and erroneous. try testing your connection using a bigger file size to see if it can really sustain its current speed. thank you and boy how i wish i have that kind of speed!

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@ ZaZi. congratulations on an improved speed.

@ ianonline

don't you trust tmn test results? this one didn't have leakage. if you know what i mean...  :wink:

now thats something i can't tolerate! leakage?

get a life dude! the action of the "few" does not speak to the "all" now that made my day..

anyways, I'm just telling zazi to try it with other speed tester for i have tried and experienced it that i had a result going to 1mb + but then when i tried it on the other speed tester it just told me i had only 380+... 

I'm not against TMN, in fact i love tmn, it was just a pure suggestion.. no strings attached!!  :angry:

and by the way about the leakage thing.. get over it!

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i tried using the link u gave @ ianonline but it seems to me that if my laptop is a core 2 duo i'd appreciate the speed result but its not caz of all the speed test i tried that link gave me the slowest below 384kbps


:grin: dont worry...love thy fellow tweaker..lol

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