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SMARTBRO PLAN 999.. Please POst Your Fastest Speed Here ^^


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here is my test result


I got a question

why is that I can download here, using the download test, but in any other sites I really can't download anything.

Even on [this.site.has.been.blocked.for.spamming], my download doesn't work.

I can't even watch youtube videos or any other videos from other sites

My uploading is very fast but my downloading is zero success

I already reformatted my pc because I thought a spyware or virus is forbidding me to download

I even wanted to try 20 steps for smartbro but I cant get past through the 1st step which is to download cablenut

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i've never seen anything like that before, until now....  try checking if any security setting is preventing you from doing downloads. please also check if you have an administrator access on your computer.. this thing as i see it has nothing to do with the connection but with your pc configuration. try checking the security and services setup at the control panel.

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Ok, no links or screenshots, 10-4. I understand the risk but I see many other links and screenshots from other writers. Oh, I get it, you mean from the site "Speedtest?"  Actually I consider testmy.net to be the best quality and most reliable tester of them all. I just did a quick search and grabbed the first result I found on Google since I was writing a post on testmy.net. Sorry. I have one of the most powerful laptops ever made and a smoking hot Comcast Broadband ISP. I can run games like Crysis and Call of Duty4 Modern Warfare on high settings and I use FRaPS as my benchmark tool. If anyone wants to see some genuinely high benchmarks from high end equipment, let me know. Comcast service in Portland, Or, for broadband and cable TV runs about $63 monthly. This is the home of Intel and Portland is a high tech city. We also have free WiFi downtown and it's not shutting down like so many other cities. I'll be happy to post some screenshots from all these sources if anyone's interested.

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wow, i am really amazed how these guys are contented with the speed. you know what? you should not be contented with that. that's why, Philippines ISP providers don't bother to improve their system or even if they do improve their system, they tried to get more customers and clog the system that's why the speed is still quite slow. And with the money you are paying for, you should be getting more than what you currently have.

When I was in US. i was paying $45 for the speed of 10Mbps. We should dump the attitude of "this is Philippines...". We should encourage the ISPs in Philippines to provide better service.


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