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Found this article about a browser I fell in love with a year ago. Opera. Written well by a user of firefox.  http://www.h3rald.com/articles/firefox-lovers-guide-to-opera .  While future releases may change, and the adblocker they call "content blocker" works pretty good, it still not as good as firefox.

WIth the net getting more and more ads every place, I just made the choice to spend my 26 bucks and bought a copy of admuncher, which imho is the best for blocking ads. So it matters not which browser I may use, admuncher gets rid of the ads and does make surfing lots faster, even with firefox. WIth admuncher and Opera, surfing is just super fast and no anoying ads.

In the end you should always use which ever browser works best for you. Never be afraid to try something diffrent. No one browser is the best. All have both strong and weak points. Use whats best for you.

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Yea firefox extensions are nice. For me, the ability to edit my right click menue is what keeps me with opera. Myself dont need allot of bells and whistles. No toolbars and stuff like that. WIth a bit of work, opera can be customized to your exact taste. One example, the ablility to add bookmarks to my right click. I can open the same page in i.e. or firefox or maxthon, again with a simple right click.

But with firefox there extenstions are hard to beat. Most will stay with firefox because of them. Like I said, strong and weak points.

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