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SmartBro Canopy Software Update, How to? (w/ screenshots)

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base on my assessment it did not change anything with regards to my internet speed. but it gives you some new options to tweak around.. though i don't know exactly what it is for.

and also another thing you will get is the boost in self esteem knowing that you got the current software version of your canopy. :)

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hello guys!..i'm back!.. on may17 my canopy antenna was toppled down by storm Cosme..i got it recently replaced..i am very happy to find out that my speed was even faster even though the RSSI came down from 800+ to only 400+..as you notice the software version is now 8.2.1 unlike my old antenna which has 8.1.5[i updated it to 8.2.2]..a 7mbps Aggregate was also present which i changed my Uplink + Downlink to 3500kbps from the default 500kbps..i experienced a major speed boost upon changing the values..

but i have some questions which i hope expert members here can answer thoroughly:

1. I'm planning to update the software version of my new canopy to 8.2.2 from 8.2.1- will the update remove or change the 7mbps aggegate feature - or is it coded into the antenna's hardware and updating the software will not change/remove  it?

2. I changed my uplink and downlink from 500 to 3500kbps each - is it ok to retain this setting - and what about the Uplink/Downlink Burst Allocation - do i also need to change it in lieu to the uplink/downlink data rate?

3. Are there any of you here tried software version 8.2.4? any comments?

Pardon the many questions but i hope you can share your knowledge and enlighten me.

here take a look:



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1. No. it will not change the aggregate.

2. you can increase you burst allocations to the maximum, if not possible, make it half.

3. haven't tried 8.2.4 yet. do you have the link? could be helpful.


are you sure the 7mbps aggregate will stay even though i update the canopy software?..i will proceed with the update then..

i will try to put  my Uplink/Downlink Burst Allocation to 10,500 because on the original setting the U/D Data rate is 500 and the Uplink/Downlink Burst Allocation is 1500 so it follows that if i change U/D Data rate to 3500:Uplink/Downlink Burst Allocation=10500..

i saw http://motorola.motowi4solutions.com/software/

they already have Canopy Release Notes v8.2.4 for 8.2.4 version..i'll try to update to the latest version and i will keep you posted if it's okay

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just make sure you have your computer and canopy power adaptor plugged in to a UPS in case of fluctuation or black out during the process...or else you'll be forced to get that 3rd antenna you were talking about :cheesy:

nah..luck is on my side now..what i'm most worried about is lightnings ..it's about to rain and there is always thunderstorms here..i wonder if the 300SS surge suppressor intalled with the canopy outside will protect my pc.. are they supposed to be grounded first? because mine isn't connected to the ground

btw i updated my canopy to 8.2.4 and so far no glitches..you're right - 7mbps aggregate still remained..bye now, i'll just reboot my pc..

here is the shot:


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guys about motowi4solution site wer can i find my motorola ccn#??? kindly help me pls im noob :cheesy:

on the webpage there is a form..

Just "Enter your name", "Enter a valid email address", "Enter your Unit MAC Address (ESN)"..leave the "Enter your Motorola CCN#" blank..

you can find the value you need to type in "Enter your Unit MAC Address (ESN)" by accessing your Canopy Homepage,, and find:

"Device Type : 5.7GHz - Subscriber Module - 01-00-4a-b0-c5-6d" ... the 01-00-4a-b0-c5-6d string is your MAC Address

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make sure you enter the correct MAC address and a valid email address in the form and press Submit.. upon pressing submit you will be directed to the download page, check the files you need, and click "Accept User Agreement and Request Download Links"..then you will receive an email from motorola which contains the links to the checked files you want to download earlier..

download CNUT only if you want to update your canopy (CNUT2 for .pkg2 / CNUT3 for .pkg3)..i suggest you download the latest version of CNUT 2 and use the appropriate .pkg2 update file..Prizm is not necessary unless you want to go more "advanced"..

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my canopyboot is still 1.0.. i've seen others who have 3.0 but i don't know how to update the canopyboot..

i guess the 7 mbps is already "built-in" on the canopy antenna..there is nothing you can do about it unless you are adept with the hardware..

my first antenna also had 1 mbps aggregate but i had it recently replaced because of that damn storm Cosme.. luckily the new one had 7mbps..hehe  :evil:

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