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Utorrent Speeds without any tweaks etc.


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I was just wondering what other utorrent users speeds are compared to there normal speeds outside of utorrent. My current rate as of today in utorrent is below.


That picture shows my rate at 431.9 KB/s, thats right about average I guess during the daytime anways. I have cable internet and its decent I guess, 16mbps/1mbps line for 59.99 per mo.

My signature shows recent tested results  :grin: , speeds are looking great but I sure wish I could get over a megabyte a second in utorrent  :icon_pale: , but then again im fine with what I got.

Post your utorrent speeds and compare your rates with your rates outside of utorrent!!

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Most people in a torrent are sending me data at 7kByte per sec, get 10 of those and Im speeding along at 70kByte per sec  :roll:  Are 80% of torrent-ers on dial up?  I limit my upload to 100kByteps, like anox195 my upload is rated at 125 KBytePerSec or 1 MbitPerSec.

P.S.  typing a capital B is automatically lower cased

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With utorrent being sold to someone else, I just droped down to version 1.6 and thats the one I will stay with. Check out there forums for more info on that. Make sure you go to options,.....speedguide.....test if port forward is set up right. The latest verson of utorrent seems slower. I found even though I was getting connections, my port forward was wrong.

Thoes tiny tips really helped speeds. Its also best to rember, it starts a bit slow then really cooks. On a 8mb down 384 up I can bring down a legal movie in about a hour or 2 tops.

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mine is running on a dedicated server.

But the only way to really get more dl speed is to upload more.

at my house I have a 12Mbps/512K connection and onthat same torrent I couldnt go above 80KB/s. On the server though, since it was uploading at almost 3MB/s, it was downloading at arround 5MB/s

So the more u share, the more u get I think.

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the tcpip patch you're talking about is capable of changing the half-open tcp limit.

default windows tcp limit is 10. but most of forums i read recommended increasing it to between 50 to 100. mine is set to 100.

i'm curious, if I set it to say 10000, what will happen? are there consequences?

so, what limit was he/she was talking about? :undecided:
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half-open connection: A connection state in which one connection end is established but the other connection end is unreachable or has disposed of its connection information.

Windows XP SP2 limits half-open connections (SYN) to a maximum of 10 (the previous limit was 65,535). This is supposed to slow down certain viruses because their spreading strategy is to try to connect to a high amount of random IP numbers.

Comments on half-open_connections

windows-xp-sp2-and-event-id-4226  <<< coolbuster please read

MaxConnectionsPerServer - default 10, mine 32, example:  Simultaneous requests sent to msn.com to load the borders, images and fonts.

Windows Half-open_connections - default 10, mine 100

UTorrent Half-open_connections - default 10, mine 100, example: Number of peers downloading from simultaneously.

UTorrent > options > preferences > advanced > net.max_halfopen

P.S.  After I did LVLlord patch a windows message came up and said something like, "A windows file critical to the operation of your system has been changed by this program, allow the change?"

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