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Its True.

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okay cool just don't wanna have to im ya and visit ya in the big grey hotel

Hey... Don't be knocking the big gary hotel.... Ive been there a few times, it can be nice.  :evil6:Yea right lol

Free room and board though.....  :wink2:  :oops:  :lol:

Yeh tdawn, like i said on AIM  i dont wanna do that and end up with a little me ...


At least you got your head on straight when it comes to that

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In missouri and Kansas I believe it is 17 for age of consent.


Kansas is actually 16.

you can find out for all the states here http://www.coolnurse.com/consent.htm

I didn't know that florida was 18, I thought it was 17. I guess I broke the law  :haha: I can't believe that South Carolina is 14 for a girl, thats F'ed up.

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