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Bios beep code help!!!!

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Still waiting for the heatsink and fan i cant get to the pc cause i have been snowed in for the last 2 days

just wondering...did you order it before you made sure your fan connector for the thing is 4 pin on your motherboard as well...because mine is only a 3 pin and socket am2....but that cooler is a 4 pin...just wondering... i just set that link up as an example.  :wink:
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Yes its a 4 pin. I got the heatsink and fan on and still happening but only when its cold. Never goes over 25 C. I tried in the bios to dissable and setting that would controll a fan still doing it. Now i guess i need to find a jumper on the motherboard to see if i can dissable cool and quiet through that.

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CPU Q-Fan Control and Cool n Quiet are different.. (I'm assuming you may not know this)

There should be a setting to disable Cool n Quiet in bios...Perhaps your board is different.

The settings for Cool n Quiet and CPU Q-Fan Control are not in the same place under my bios.  They are actually under totally different categories...Next time I reboot and remember to enter bios I will check where..

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I am not experiencing humming it is accually a warning from the motherboard telling me that the fan has stopped and it only happens when idol so its gota be a setting. The new fan is nice and queit i guess its not all that big of a threat because it only does it when cold but scares me that it does turn off i have never had this. Nothing is stock on this pc. I built it piece by piece even windows pro sp2 on it. I use the same stuff on every pc i build this maken me think it has to be a bios setting. But i just cant find it no matter how many times i look in the bios it drives me nuts not to know i am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my pc running fast. I am not to big into overclocking but love to tweek it in setting to make it perform faster and use programs many programs. You can have the greatest piece of equiptment on the planet and if your software sucks you pc will also.

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