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Windows Service Packs


With the recent release of Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP1 to beta testers, would you, the customer,  

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  1. 1. With the recent release of Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP1 to beta testers, would you, the customer,

    • XP: Give SP3 a try
    • XP: Stay with SP2 and wait a few months before installing SP3
    • Vista: Give SP1 a try
    • Vista: Stay with basic Vista w/o any service packs for a few months before installing SP1
    • I'm sticking to MAC/Linux etc.

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XP SP3 beta is final version ready. I haven't had a single problem with it nor have I seen anyone have a problem with it. I haven't really seen anything different with it becides the small performance boost that it gave.

how come the RC version is the full Xp SPI ?


I ain't no test dummy for Microsoft ,

like Tommie said

I trust your hunch to be true, but I'm never in a hurry anyway. I have patience and time. I'll still wait. XP SP2.  :wink:

Tommie Xp sp2 is OK on my box , but takes up a lot of H/D space ,]

The old saying " fools rush in where angels fear to tread "

is my feeling on Sp 3 ,

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WMP10 works good for me with SP3!

With me, I had 9 loaded on it and I wanted to update to 10 and it says that its incompatible.

It possibly looks at your current version as 10 and says that its 10  but its upgrade is 11. For mine  which is 9  when it goes to 10  it doesn't work since its not an upgrade for SP3 if it is 9 now. So I had to download and install 11.

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Hmm. Let me download it. By the way I downloaded/purchased some Windows XP Pro SP2 installers, some of them are incomplete and some of them, the installer verifies the cd, labeled "Windows XP Pro SP2", meaning, do you think the installer checks if the cd is authentic or not?

I'm off to find SP3 installers (whole cd, not the update)... hmmm.. where to download those.... :lol:

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there isn't a CD yet with SP3 on it. Earliest sale of Windows XP SP3 will be around March but you can slipstream  Windows XP and just add SP3 in the installation so it will make a whole new copy of XP with SP3. What I like about slipstreaming is that you can be able to auto enter any information. e.g. Product Key among other things to speed up the process.


Just follow all the information but change all the SP2 stuff in the tutorial to SP3.

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