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Limits of Cat6 Cable???


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;) I also think it has to be a very long cable run before it makes any difference, unless of course there is damage to the cable along the run or its being run over fluoresent lights or heater and A.C. motors and other things like that . A regular run especially in a home or small office usually doesn't present any problems..... :)

8) Microwave

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quiet freeky that i just did a piece of work for school about cat 6

i will copy paste it here, have a read if u want


Cat6: Stands for category 6 it contains four twisted copper wire pairs, just like earlier copper cable standards (Cat5). Category 6 will provide improved data throughput (1Gbps more reliable meaning less data lost among other) compared to category 5e. Cat 6 is tested on 250 MHz compared to only 100 MHz test on Cat5e (Cat5e can operate at higher frequencies but it

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